In the nearly 150 years since Perry’s first opened its doors, the building has stood for one thing: refreshing the people of Melbourne.

Since it first opened in 1847, Perry’s has been called different names, passed through the hands of numerous caretakers, persevered through temperance movements, overcome competition from neighbouring sly grog shops and watched the world change -  and always serving refreshments to those who needed them.

In the 1910s, the temperance movement legislated that the only way to get a drink after 6 o’clock was to do so on the sly... Collingwood became the epicentre for Melbourne’s underbelly—but what was then known as the Albion Hotel, weathered the storm and survived through to the 1960s when liquor laws were relaxed. In the 1990s, the hotel changed to an inn before becoming the quirky Punters Palace in 1995.

Today, Perry’s once again opens its doors to those seeking a place to unwind. Let us help you create your own story in this historic house of refreshment.

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